WiFi Router Features


MU-MIMO is a Wi-Fi technology that makes your network much more efficient by providing separate data streams to each device. It is particularly noticeable when performing demanding tasks such as video streaming.

Antenna Beam Forming

Rather than broadcasting Wi-Fi signals in all directions, beam forming broadcasts wireless data in the direction that is optimized to each device. It's like tractor beam lock for your devices to increase distance and speed.

Simultaneous 2.4 and 5GHz

Simultaneous dual band means the router can operate at 5GHz for faster and newer devices while offering 2.4GHz Wi-Fi for your older devices at the same time without compromising throughput. It also means less signal interference.


A new Wi-Fi standard that can support higher throughput compared to traditional 802.11n. Also, its 5GHz spectrum helps in noisy environment like multi dwellings.

Wireless Mesh Support

Most average homes can have good WiFi signal coverage with the high powered Gryphon router. For bigger homes, you may simply add additional 1 or 2 routers to provide greater coverage.

Gigabit Throughput Speed

Gigabit speed increases potential throughput of your wireless network, minimizing transmission time and greatly enhancing the ability to stream high-bandwidth data such as video to connected devices without stalls.