A Comprehensive Parental Control System

Screen Time Management

Through the app, easily set age levels for each device, pre-set bedtimes, homework times, or simply pause the Internet to get together for more family time. You can also separately set Internet time limits for each child and as well as view their browsing history.

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Realtime Request and approval from anywhere

Sometimes, your child needs access to certain websites for homework. If a website is blocked, the child can send a real time request that will show up on the parent's phone. The parent can then immediately review and grant permission from anywhere- even from outside the home.

gryphon CrowdRanking

It's difficult to know which websites are appropriate for our children. To guide the parent, Gryphon aggregates the approval ratings from other parents and the community through Crowd Ranking. The ranking is constantly updated based on your child's age and the approval ratings of your community. 

Safe List Sharing

Managing your child's online activities is not just about blocking harmful websites but also about discovering useful content to help your child learn and grow. We made it easy to share your safe lists among friends, teachers, and the community. Think playlist sharing for your favorite music app and you get the concept

Intelligent Intrusion Detection

Gryphon Intrusion Detection works 24/7 by using machine learning to recognize the unique fingerprint of each connected device on your network and will warn you and quarantine the device when a particular device's fingerprint changes.



Whole House Malware Protection

Gryphon also filters the incoming data streams to clean up and prevent malware from entering your home.  Viruses have digital signatures that change. By constantly syncing with the threat database , the Gryphon router is always helping them protect against the latest virus outbreaks